Indoor UK pool to ride!

An indoor uk pool to ride ! Its not often i get asked to come ride a swimming pool in the UK, Infact ive only been asked once! Of course i went and it ruled,

A wet miserable January day i found myself riding a swimming pool in Yorkshire in an abandoned boarding school , As u UK rider you dream of days like this but this was not your typical swimming pool , No smooth carving in the sun here! DIY ramps knocked up by keen bmx riders  wanting that special one time session somewhere unique.

Wet tiles are not easy to ride so we salvaged rugs and carpet tiles , then got stuck in! Steep vert quaterpipe and a flat bank made out of old school tables ,  bits if scrap wood and a metal locker , Perfect sketchy setup .  Alot of work for such a short session but one i will never forget , Exactly the reason i ride BMX !

  fufanu on an old locker.

          The setup.

Author: Alan Schofield