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Sport: Skiing/Snowboarding
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Samoens is only an hours drive from Geneva International Airport. It is part of the Grand Massif Ski Area which is more commonly known for it manmade heart call Flaine. Part of the Haute-Savoie in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France. The town of Samoëns is located in the Vallée du Giffre (Giffre Valley) in the French Alps.

Costs/Charges: £ 200.00
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Time to Complete / Distance: 1 week
Samoëns, France, France

Samoëns Ski Area- France

Samoens is located in the in the Haute-Savoie region in south-eastern France.  The town of Samoëns is in amongst the Vallée du Giffre in the French Alps. Built by stonemasons and it was here that they set up the very famous brotherhood. The result of the stonemasons was a very beautiful village with its own botanical gardens.


What Freeride Ambassador Anthony Gannon thinks...

I first visited Samoens in 2002. Little was know about this beautiful village on the edge of the Grand Massif at this point. You could go the whole week without hearing an English word spoken. Now that Samoens is more well known the village has more than doubled in size due to the snow industry. However this does not mean that the Village has lost any of its charm. There is a stunning village centre where every night in the ski season there is something to do. A fish market to mulled wine nights are just a few which creates a warm friendly atmosphere. This is perfect for families but not for people seeking lots of night life. (there is only an Irish bar).

The ski Area is small for Samoens. But it is linked with the Grand Massif which offers nearly 300km of skiing. When here in Samoens you can find some off piste but its mainly linking runs. These are good fun to be had but nothing too extensive.


I love Samoens, in many ways I loved it more when it was smaller as it felt like you have escaped, at least for a little while. There is a restaurant just off the village centre that is amazing. Ran by a traditional French family one of the best teaks you'll ever have. Skiing wise, it good, but with little challenge, great to learn and there is even a beginner ski cross, which is fun. But don't let the small area off, is is linked the Grand Massif, a big ski area and on its day unbeatable.

In 2003 an 8 person gondola was completed which made the village a viable entry point for the Grand Massif ski domain. The lift is situated a drive or bus ride away from the centre and there is no way to ski back to the lift station at the end of the day.

The skiing directly above Samoens is on open North facing slopes which hold the snow very well


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Grand Massif: slopes for everyone at an altitude of 2500 meters

It's right at the center of the Alpes, halfway between Chamonix and Geneva, that Grand Massif welcomes winter sports enthusiasts on a ski area of character and contrasts.
From the green slopes, perfect for beginners, to the black slopes for experienced skiers and snowboarders, Grand Massif fulfils snow fans of all levels. Located in the Haute-Savoie and facing the Mont Blanc, the area offers a preserved environment and a breath taking panorama.


Getting There

Only 1 hour from Geneva Airport, flights can be booked all year round and cheap fares can be found particularly if booked well in advance.

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