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Sport: BMX
Place and where to find it:

5 Poulton Dr, Nottingham NG2 4BN

Costs/Charges: £ 5.00
Suited To:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Pro
Time to Complete / Distance: 1-8 hours
Flo Skatepark, Poulton Drive, Nottingham, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

                    FLO SKATEPARK



FLO Skatepark ,Nottingham’s indoor skatepark is huge and has a good friendly vibe. All wooden construction with a concrete floor for a little bit of street feel to the place. Lots of lines running through the park with a mix of transition and street obstacles (mostly transition).

The skatepark has some moveable street obstacles that can be picked up and moved to create new lines, Ledges and rails are often moved to new locations in the park.

There’s a good mix of heavy hitting large obstacles and some smaller stuff and the ramps are built to a very high standard. FLO is one of the UK’s largest indoor skateparks and the busiest Nottingham skatepark.

Thursday night is skate night with some lively sessions going down.

Lessons are available on a Saturday mornings . Contact 07863 130300 for more details.

Entry Fee: £5.00 for three hours. Some sessions are strictly skateboard only.

Key Features:

  •  The Bowl is a big attraction here
  •  5ft Spine Ramp
  •  Gigantic vert wall
  •  Jump box and Volcano
  •  Flat banks
  •  Stair set and Hubba
  •  Multiple moveable Ledges and Rails

 FLO Skatepark is a really good park !

The bowl is a good shape which allows for endless possibilities. 

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07863 130300
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