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Sport: Skiing/Snowboarding
Place and where to find it:

CairnGorm Mountain
CairnGorm Ski Area
PH22 1RB

Costs/Charges: £ 36.00
Suited To:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
Time to Complete / Distance: All Day
United Kingdom

CairnGorm Mountain, CairnGorm Ski Area

CairnGorm Mountain is in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, around 2.5 hours by car from Glasgow and Edinburgh and approximately 1 hours drive from Inverness. Aviemore is only 9 miles from CairnGorm Mountain and is well connected to the road, rail and bus networks. The overnight sleeper from London stops in Aviemore en route for Inverness and both CityLink and Stagecoach operate regular bus timetables for the area. Travelling around by private car offers more flexibility but we always ask visitors to consider car sharing whenever possible. (information Taken from

Lift Pass Prices

Adult Junior Senior Student
1 Day £36 £22 £26.50 £28.50
2 Day £67 £41 £49 £53.50
3 Day £99 £61 £73 £78
4 Day £130 £80 £96 £102
5 Day £160 £98 £119 £127
1/2 Day £25.50 £15.70 £18.85 £20.50
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