BMX Skatepark essentials

Ive been riding BMX for 16 years plus , Over the years ive come up short with not having spare parts to fix my BMX , That is never i good possition to be in !!! Now ive learnt in my “older years” . 

If your at the skatepark ,  riding some trails or at a street spot your bike can always get a flat or something could break , I carry some tools to help with that if it happens , i also have helmet and all my pads to keep me in one piece.  I will go through what i take on my BMX adventures .


bmx essential kit


I ride a KHE Strikedown Pro custom build bmx . Setup just the way i like it . short , light and responsive , I always nut and bolt check my bike before riding , a good habit i recommend getting into !! I ride without stunt pegs but always carry them in case i find that perfect spot .


  • Pads! a must for me but not everyone rides them. 
  • protec helmet
  • fuse shin
  • fuse knee
  • space brace ankle guards (The best in my opinion)
  • shadow bmx gloves (For winter sessions)
  • Gumshield (custom made i wont ride without this , well tested! works a treat )


Spare parts and tools , you need enough to save your day without carrying the contents of your garage along ! Spares I  carry include 

  • Tyre
  • Innertube 
  • Brake cables 
  • Bar ends
  • chain links
  • spokes/nipples
  • puncture repair kit
  • headset bearing
  • odd nuts and bolts
  • stunt pegs (in case i find that perfect spot)


  • Pump
  • 6 & 8 mm allen keys
  • Tyre levers
  • spoke key
  • Chaintool
  • adjustable spanner
  • 17mm socket and wrench
  • wire cutters/pliers
I only use good quality tools, they just work properly!



  • Vans classic backpack
  • skinny jeans
  • FREERIDE PROJECT tshirt of course!
  • vans  trainers
  • Lennys bikeshop snapback
  • cash for food and drinks!

That’s how i keep myself equipped for a day out on the BMX ,  Weekend trips or riding holidays would be same tools and spares just more clothes and a bigger bag to pack it all in .

Author: Alan Schofield