Freeride Projects Principles

The Freeride Project’s primary concern is to create a community where it is safe to communicate with other likeminded people across the world. Our site therefore has been designed to be as open and as transparent as possible. To promote this openness we have excluded messaging systems within the site and the only way to communicate is through writing on people’s timelines and commenting on reviews, all of which have relevant reporting systems attached to them. We feel this still allows our users to have the power to share and connect with the added safety that everything is published and nothing is behind ‘Closed Doors’. We do this in accordance to the Laws attached to technology, evolving social media and networking.

Freedom to Share and Connect

Our members / users should have the freedom to share their favorite extreme spots and their thoughts on the Freeride Project. This can be in the mediums of reviews, comments and on newsfeeds. Our members / users also have the right to connect to any of our others users. This is limited by the fact that this has to be a mutual connection consent between the members. Our members therefore have the right to access any information that is published on the Freeride Project and publishers must be aware that their information can be seen by everyone. In turn it is the Freeride Projects responsibility to ensure this information can be shared quickly and efficiently.

Ownership and Control of Information

Members / users should own their information, if your information has been supplied by a third party it needs to be done with their permission and the correct referencing, this is the responsibility of the member / user to ensure copy write laws are upheld. This information once published is then classified as open content and everyone can access it.

Social Value

Members / users have the ability to build trust and reputation through their identity and connections, and will not have their presence removed from the Freeride Project unless they are in breach of our terms and conditions of use.

Fundamental Service

Our members / users should be able to use the Freeride Project’s interface for free. This interface should be the same for everyone and members / users should be able to establish a presence, connect with others, and share information. Every member / user should be able to use the Freeride Project regardless of his or her level of participation or contribution.

Common Welfare

The rights and responsibilities of the Freeride Project and the People that use it are described in the Statement of ‘Rights and Responsibilities’, which should not be inconsistent with these Principles.

The Freeride Project makes this information publically available as well as our plans, policies, and operations.

Welcome to Our World

The Freeride Project is a service that should be available to anyone who has an internet connection and therefore has no geographical boundaries.